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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
11:41 pm
Friday, February 18th, 2005
4:51 pm
I haven't updated in forever on this journal, and I apologize. I've been up to my ears in shit, and I'm finally getting tou, so I'm back no track. If you'd like to keep up with me and what's going on and you ARE NOT already, add me to your friendlist on this account: orphanforsleep , okay?

Sara, I have not forgotten you!! A little thing called AP European History just jumped in thee way of my entire life when it decided to be hard and make me fail. ;_; I still ♥ you!! Forgive me for being an evil, evil, HORRIBLE FRIEND!! <33

Everyone else..w00t. Add me and you shall once again be in the know. XD

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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
7:49 pm
Life is a series of disappointments followed by death.
In spite of this, I found forty dollars just floating around in the rain outside the Pilates studio today. :D It was pure luck. I was sitting inside, waiting for Sergey to arrive [he doesn't even know the meaning of punctual] and saw a twenty dollar bill laying out on the sidewalk. I leaped out of my chair and dove outside to get it, then saw ANOTHER twenty laying near it!! w00t for money. This means I will have enough to buy some decent stuff at Genericon. =D ♥

In case you've been wondering where I was lately, I've actually started keeping a real, written journal again. The last time I had one was a complete disaster, no details, but...I feel like this one will be better somehow. ^^ So I haven't, consequently, felt the need to update my LJ.

Wanna know whats going on? Here's a brief summary of my New Year's Eve ^^ :

1) Invited Erinn over for the night. Invited Anna over for the night. Realized we all had double-"n" in our names and laughed like a crack addict.
2) Watched The Bourne Supremacy with said guests and mother. Enjoyed. Hated Marie, and was overjoyed she died.
3) Watched DN Angel and R.O.D [motion picture] with said guests after mother departed for bed. Delighted over how Nancy's boobs were popping out of her outfit, but somehow managed to stay covered. How?
3 1/2) Put on Spiral outtakes for everyone's enjoyment. *southern accent* "Why can't I say this line?! Dangit!!"
4) Drank more than a couple pepsis, and was consequently buzzed until four AM with said guests.
5) Woke at 11. found Anna already awake. Woke Erinn.
6) Watched Pretear episodes 1-7 [I think] and obsessed over how fucking hot Mannen is. Then watched Anglic Layer bits and pieces, and fakegasmed over how hot Ohjiro is.
7) Realized MannenxShin would make a cuuuute couple. Argued this with Erinn, who liked SasamexMannen better. Can't say I dislike that pairing either.
8) Doodled Mannen's name all over a napkin whilst having Anna rewind the opening sequence so I could see him naked [from the shoulders up, damn it].
9) Once Erinn and Anna depart, I looked up Pretear characters online.
10) Discovered Mannen is actually 10, not 12.
11) Thought to self, "Fuck."
12) Realized his age didn't make much of a difference in my mind, and was somewhat disturbed to find this out.
13) Went off to do less important things.

That's about it. ^^ Hope to see you all tomorrow, back in the REAL WORLD. School sucks. :D

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Friday, December 24th, 2004
12:37 pm
We have all been blind.....!!
Hm hm hm. Been busy this morning. I changed my orphanforsleep layout. It's sexy. AND I HAVE A SEXY MEG ICON! ♥ w00t! Then I diddled around with the orphanforsleep userinfo, so it's sexy now too. Even sexier now. OOOH baby.

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!! Hope you guys are having great days, tweehee! Eat gingerbread and gelt and listen to Christmas music and watch The Santa Claus and A Christmas Story and Nightmare Before Christmas and The Nutcracker and the Ntional Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and any other really classic Christmas movies you might own. ^.^ Personally, I am going to watch all of them .XDXD. Right after I finish listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack for the fourth time in less than 24 hours [and singing along, aussi XD]. I managed to find that little play booklet that we bought in Toronto. Yay!! It was under my bed [go figure? Where the hell else to I hide stuff?].



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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
7:01 pm
Well, then.
Survey stolen from theubaz.

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I did a long-ass rant in orphanforsleep yesterday. Like..two people read the whole thing. XDXD;; I have handed out all my Christmas presents at school, am still waiting for Dara to bring JOHNNY BACK GODDAMIT, and for Lexi to bring Gravi back..sigh...why do I even bother anymore? Why indeed.

Our Christmas tree is finally decorated. Finally. The lights looks so nice, and I had a great time decorating like usual..we have the weirdest ornaments..you can tell which ones are mine, cause they're insane. Like the one of Bianca from "The Rescuers"? Oh Baby.

Gah. Leaving now to go read some Yugi-oh! fanfiction. XDXD This GREAT YamixYugi art really got me in the Christmasy spirit.....*rings bells*

Current Mood: cheerful

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
1:24 pm
Whee. Go me.
I made a new journal, y'all. It's friends only, so go comment if you want to be added. Some of you have already been added, for my convenience. =D orphanforsleep

Nothing has really happened today, really....well....got back a chem test that was a 67. w00t for great grades and passing. XDXD;;;;;Boy oh boy.

Sexy Merboy! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
10:14 pm
I made someone's day, and destroyed another's.
I emailed Stacey A. about using her image for my layout, and was sent a prompt reply about how of course I could use it, and that my email was like a wake up call to update Triackster etc. ^_^ I love people like that...!! I was half-expecting to get bitched out for using it. X_X; Yay, I wasn't! And I can't wait for an update...I'm hooked on Trickster now. Hee hee.

Made Paige and Jordynn's Christmas presents, CDs of course. ^_^ And Erinn gave me her present...Legal Drug and Phantom of the Opera CDs!! WOOT! Shounen-ai and my favorite play? Likewoah?! <33 Josh also gave me three katanas, of varying length...I didn't think he actually would, but he DID! So I am now the proud owner of THREE swords. Don't fuck around with me, man, I'll fucking KILL you. No joke. >D


Got a letter and a Christmas art from Sara..I might scan it in later. ^_^ It's totally awesome. <3

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
8:12 pm
Stuck in a matchbox, wish there was air--}
Okay...I am back to update again, clogging your friend pages with nonsense and things that porbably don't matter to you, or even to me, because..well, there you go. Actually, this update comes with a layout change. Lucky you.

Chemistry is giving me shit. God, I hate that class....! I would love to drop it, because it's so hard for me to understand. Even "simple" things like balancing equations are a problem; i just don't understand it at all and Mr. Smith won't help me because he hates me. Why? Because I don't dress like a whore and try and suck up to him because he's a dirty old man. If I drop it, though, I will be entering 11th grade with only one science credit, which is shitty. REALLY shitty. So I think I am just going to have to struggle my way through, and when it comes time to take the Regents I will try and get help from somewhere else-not Mr. Smith.

On a happier note, I felt suicidal today. That means, of course, that high-school depression is kicking in. It's late this year. Started way back in early October last year. Maybe things are looking up...? Nah. Had a horrible nightmare last night that I killed myself and there was standardized testing in Hell. Um, fuck no? Get away.

For any of you that are wondering about my layout-I know it's sexy. ^_^ I just stumbled upon a site that offers a story written by the artist of that picture [see the bottom of the pic for name]. It's called {{ the trickster }} and it is furry yaoi. I am in love. ^^ And one of the characters is a serial killer! Honestly! What the fuck took me so long to find this site?! Anyhow, the pic is of Tyler. ^^ He sorta reminds me of myself in a way...15 years old, always fighting with his parents, and then gets kicked out of his house for being caught with gay porn. You all know thats going to happen to me one day. XD;;;
I signed the guestbook of the site, and said I was going to use {{ the trickster}} as my next LJ layout theme...I hope she gets that message. ^^; I don't want a good author pissed off at me. Gack. Anyway, I only used the image and didn't alter it or anything, like trying to erase her name. I would never stoop so low as to art thievery!! Even if I can't draw!! @_@;

By the way, this is the site.

Hm, hm....I should go do my homework. BUT I DON'T WANT TO! HAHAHA! TAKE THAT, AHS!

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
4:23 pm
Destined to a trail of tears...
First, I think i'll mention how I spent my weekend physically. Then, I think i'll say how I spent my weekend mentally. Because, you see, they are not the same. Never the same.

I went to the bank Saturday and took out 200 dollars for Christmas. [It took me three tries to type "Christmas" correctly, how sad.] And so then me and mom went out to do some Christmas shopping, like at Waldenbooks in Colonie Center and then over to the mall. I bought 80 dollars worth of books, then bought my mom's Christmas present over in the mall [while she was in the bathroom. Sneaky]. I was supposed to go to Pilates Saturday, too, but Sergey called and calncelled because something came up, and we did it today instead. The class takes and hour, and started at one which was why I couldn't go to Jenn's party, short-notice. ;_;

Then today I bought the rest of my Christmas presents over at the Waldenbooks in Latham Circle, which has the best manga selection on the planet. There was a guy there who I started talking to, he was really nice and he goes to UAlbany. He's in the anime club there. We talked for over an hour about different animes, and bad dubbing, and pirating episodes, and what were good webcomics. I love meeting people like that, really. They make me feel warm and fuzzy, and especially since they appear to enjoy conversing with me. ^^ And the man at the counter who sold me my books was actually the manager of Waldenbooks, and he was really nice as well. We talked while he was checking out the books, about people who pay for bookmarks with hundred-dollar-bills, and how I took out 200 dollars in twenties, and how self-control was important in the retailing business. Once again, that was really fun.

So I am 200 dollars poorer, but full of holiday cheer. That is my mental state. ^^

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
6:47 pm
Heh. I Bad.
Okay, yes, I haven't updated in a while. I sort of felt like there was no need to, because nothing really happened... >.>;;; And now I'm racking my brain to think of something to write.

Well, Ok. I archived all my mP3s onto a handy little list. Keep in mind, I only archived my Anime mP3s. The JRock ones still need to be done, and that's gonna take forever [even longer than the anime ones. My life is teh OVEHHH.]... For anyone who cares, here they are:
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In other news, I got the highest grade in the class on the last math test with a 73. That sure says something, no? Ehehehe. Im gathering a following to come to Genericon in January, aussi. Anyone wanna come? Make sure you pre-register HERE. If not, don't worry. Me take lotsa pictures. ^o^

Okay. I burned three Cds today. One for Erinn, and two for ME. AHAHAHAHAHA. +grins scarily and hugs Saiyuki music CD+ <3333

Now I'm sorta dragging this out, because I'm a boring person and have nothing to friggin talk about. Huh.

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